Create The Winning Game Plan For Your Fields

At On The Hill Ag, we provide you with the services you need to come out on top. Combining your yield and field data with current soil sampling, we can create one book that contains your very own winning game plan.

Precision Agronomy

We take all the data you collect in your field and put it to work on increasing your bottom line. We will assign 4-8 yeild goal areas for your field, then put appropriate fertility and seed on them. Of course we hope it’s Golden Harvest, but we write prescriptions for and are familiar with all major seed companies.

We follow up the prescriptions by soil sampling in these zones to keep track of fertility in those specific areas. That leads to P, K, S, Zn recs for those areas. After planting we do stand counts to verify what got planted and how the yield potential is for those zones.

Agronomic Consulting

We do weekly, seasonal and other crop consulting. Staying on top of weeds, disease, insects, water management and whatever else is going on in your crop. I have been around all kinds of crops also, not just corn and beans.

GPS Soil Sampling

We offer grid sampling from 1 to 5 acres grids with 2.5 being the most popular. What separates us is we test for just about every nutrient and run a complete test. Also the recommendations you get involve yield, CEC, sodium and everything else.

The data is always yours no matter if it’s the data to build prescriptions or the prescriptions themselves. Your RX for dry fertilizer will get sent to whomever you want to spread it. We are real handy for guys that spread their own.

Seed Treating

We offer precise treatment and quality treatments. Usually we use Cruiser Maxx Vibrance, Apron Maxx, Mertect, and Clariva, with others available as well. This line up is some of the best chemistry offered in the industry. We also custom treat soybeans. The facility can run totally indoors and is heated so we can treat anytime. We can fill anything from from a seed box to a semi.

Cover Crops

We have tenders available for regular seed and cover crops and can custom mix what ever is needed. From bags to bulk we have you covered.