Trust Your Coach In The Field

As your independent precision ag agronomist, we’ll analyze the information and help you get the most per acre.  On The Hill Ag will help you create a game plan that you truly own.  One that creates the right mix based on your yield and field data, soil sampling, seed, chemical and fertilizer options.


Precision Agronomy

We take all the data you collect in your field and put it to work on increasing your bottom line. We will assign 4-8 yield goal areas for your field, then put appropriate fertility and seed on them.


Agronomic Consulting

We do weekly, seasonal and other crop consulting. Staying on top of weeds, disease, insects, water management and whatever else is going on in your crop.


GPS Soil Sampling

We offer grid sampling from 1 to 5 acres grids. We test for just about every nutrient and run a complete test.


Seed Treating

We offer precise treatment and quality treatments. Usually we use Cruiser Maxx Vibrance, Apron Maxx, Mertect, and Clariva.

Your Syngenta Seed Advisor

Every great coach will tell you to focus on the basics.  Then, the rest of the game will take care of itself.  In farming, it doesn’t get much more basic than the seed you plant.

Golden Harvest offers some of the highest yielding corn hybrids of any seed in the area and they’re protected by the most advanced traits like Agrisure Artesian Technology, which heps maximize your corn yields when it rains, and increase yields up to 15% when it doesn’t.

Seed tenders are available to all seed corn customers.

Preparing to win in your field starts with NK Soybeans and Genuity Roundup Ready 2 yield trait technology. Certain NK soybean varieties even have resistance to soybean cyst nematode and sudden death syndrome.

Golden Harvest beans have the same great genetics and are now available with RR2 Extend and Liberty Link technology.

Seed tenders are available to those who purchase treated beans.

Current Conditions

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Grain Futures

Dec '17 353'4 350'2 3'2 356'2 349'4 349'6 353'4
Mar '18 366'0 363'0 3'0 368'6 362'2 362'2 366'0
May '18 374'4 371'2 3'2 377'0 370'4 370'4 374'4
Jul '18 381'4 378'0 3'4 383'6 377'4 377'4 381'4
Sep '18 388'0 384'6 3'2 390'2 383'6 383'6 388'0
Dec '18 396'4 393'4 3'0 399'0 392'0 392'0 396'4
Nov '17 984'2 970'6 13'4 987'0 969'0 970'0 984'2
Jan '18 994'4 981'0 13'4 997'0 979'4 980'0 994'4
Mar '18 1003'4 990'2 13'2 1006'0 988'4 989'0 1003'4
May '18 1011'4 998'4 13'0 1013'6 997'0 997'0 1011'4
Jul '18 1017'6 1005'0 12'6 1020'0 1003'4 1004'0 1017'6
Aug '18 1017'4 1005'2 12'2 1019'2 1015'0 1017'0 1017'4
Dec '17 449'4 452'4 -3'0 455'0 448'0 452'4 449'4
Mar '18 469'4 472'0 -2'4 474'0 468'0 472'0 469'4
May '18 483'0 485'0 -2'0 487'0 481'0 484'6 483'0
Jul '18 494'2 496'2 -2'0 498'4 492'6 495'6 494'2
Sep '18 509'2 510'6 -1'4 513'2 507'4 510'2 509'2
Dec '18 528'0 529'0 -1'0 531'4 526'2 529'6 528'0
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Ag News

Bayer Requests Extension

German-based Bayer announced Tuesday that it has asked for an extension on its acquisition of Monsanto.

View From the Cab

Zack Rendel and his family of Miami, Oklahoma, have finished the best corn harvest their farm has ever seen, and his sorghum test plot also produced "phenomenal" yields. Meanwhile, Brent and Lisa Judisch of Cedar Falls, Iowa, are about a week away from finding out how their corn performed this year.

Todd's Take

Commercials are net long corn, soybeans and Chicago wheat.

States Grapple with Dicamba

The EPA, present at a meeting of state pesticide regulators, promised to issue a decision on dicamba use in time for state regulators and growers to make decisions for the 2018 growing season.

Group Wants Meeting with Perdue

The Organization for Competitive Markets has asked U.S. secretary of agriculture for meeting prior to USDA turning over administration of the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration, or GIPSA, to the Agricultural Marketing Service.

Organic Imports Questioned

Imports of organics have soared in recent years, but there have been growing doubts over whether those products are actually organic. An audit by USDA's Office of Inspector General detailed several flaws in the National Organic Program when it comes to monitoring and verifying organic claims of imported products.

Comparing UAVs, Planes, Satellites

UAVs, airplanes and satellites give agriculture three distinct views of your fields. Which technologies are right for you?

Arkansas Sets Dicamba Limits

The Arkansas State Plant Board unanimously approved regulations that would ban dicamba applications after mid-April, essentially limiting its use as a post-emergence herbicide.

Michigan Farm Considers Options

Court documents show Zeeland, Michigan-based Boersen Farms is considering restructuring its company or filing for bankruptcy. The farm is facing lawsuits from lenders and suppliers, including CHS Capital, which claimed Boersen Farms defaulted on $145.3 million in loans.